Sludge dewatering Screw Press

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Sludge dewatering Screw Press

It is called BURGUPRES, it is the most advantageous solid leak separator equipment.

Easy installation, trouble-free, easy and long time use.

Press filter, belt filter etc. It is very advantageous and much more economical than these equipments.

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Model: DEW131

Inlet water solids: 1% to 5%

Leaving water solids ratio: Between 15% and 25%

DEW131 Capacity: 6-12 kg/h

Material: 304 stainless steel


DEW101 Capacity: 3-6kg/h  Flow : 0.3m3/h

DEW131 Capacity: 6-12kg/h  Flow : 0.6m3/h

DEW201 Capacity: 9-18kg/h  Flow : 0.9m3/h

DEW202 Capacity: 18-36kg/h  Flow : 1.8m3/h

DEW301 Capacity: 40-60kg/h  Flow : 4m3/h

DEW302 Capacity: 80-120kg/h  Flow : 8m3/h

DEW303 Capacity: 120-180kg/h  Flow : 12m3/h

DEW304 Capacity: 160-240kg/h  Flow : 16m3/h

DEW351 Capacity: 80-120kg/h  Flow : 8m3/h

DEW352 Capacity: 160-240kg/h  Flow : 16m3/h

DEW353 Capacity: 240-360kg/h  Flow : 24m3/h

DEW354 Capacity: 320-480kg/h  Flow : 32m3/h

DEW401 Capacity: 120-160kg/h  Flow : 12m3/h

DEW402 Capacity: 240-320kg/h  Flow : 24m3/h

DEW403 Capacity: 360-480kg/h  Flow : 36m3/h

DEW404 Capacity: 480-640kg/h  Flow : 48m3/h

Capacity: It is the hourly mud production capacity. The produced sludge contains moisture between 25-35%. It can be disposed of as solid waste-solid garbage.

Flow: It is the hourly amount of muddy water coming to the auger press. The solids content of the incoming muddy water is usually between 1% and 5%.


1-Low energy consumption.

2-Minimum water consumption.

3-Minimum noise.

4-Low polymer consumption.

5-There is no need for sludge thickening process.

6- It is suitable for all kinds of sludge, even suitable for dewatering sludges with rich oil/grease values.

7-Minimum maintenance and operating costs.

8- Ability to work 8-7/24.

Using the screw extrusion principle, the multi-disc Screw Press Dryer is a new type of solid-liquid separation device. With strong extrusion pressure to reveal screw diameter and distance, and small gap between movable annular plates and fixed annular plates, the extrusion dewatering sludge achieves the goal.

The basic structure of the multi-disc screw press maker is the screw body, the screw body has the surrounding screw structure, with the moving rings and the fixed rings combined and lined up devices.

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