Affiliate Terms

It is to act as an intermediary for the products of our business partners (seller) to be sold at competitive prices in the country and abroad. All our efforts and investments will be in this direction.


There are no special membership requirements. It is sufficient to be a person or company authorized to do legal trade.

Required documents; Partnership agreement, tax plate, trade registry gazette and activity certificate.


To open your seller membership and add products, remote computer access or phone, message support is provided. Before the sale, the seller cannot communicate directly with the customer and the customer with the seller. The seller can answer questions from the customer through the system.

The attached product photos and product descriptions do not contain contact information to link directly or indirectly. Newly added or modified memberships and products are subject to administrator approval to be active.


In 2023, the sales commission rate is 3%. In 2024, the sales commission rate in many categories will be 4%, and in 2025 this rate will be only 5%.

500 TL social media advertising support is given for each seller. The seller product with the logo is promoted on social media, and then the advertising statistics are reported to the seller.


As cargo, it is more advantageous to send with Iyisecenek.com, which works in partnership with the PTT.

You can open a membership here and send advantageous products with PTT cargo.

For products with large volume and weight, it may be more appropriate to send them with a warehouse.

Searches continue to find advantageous cargo for domestic and international sales.


Existing laws and consumer protection regulations apply. In addition, the principle that the customer is always right applies. In addition, positive privileges will be granted to the customer by ARITIM.NET. It can take decisions in favor of the customer for quick resolution of possible problems.


The payment for the products sold by the seller is transferred to the seller's bank account within 14 days after the product is delivered.

interruptions; If the customer has made the payment by credit card, bank commission and ARITIM.NET commission and EFT/Money Transfer fee, if any, are deducted. If the customer has made the payment by wire transfer, the bank commission and ARITIM.NET commission and the EFT/Money Transfer cost, if any, are deducted.No other interruptions.

- In dormitory sales, banks may charge more transaction fees and commissions. These deductions are charged to the seller.


In case of sale of prohibited products, intense customer complaints, sending products different from the product purchased by the customer, unrealistic product and unreal product information, and violation of ARITIM.NET's general rules, the seller is excluded from membership.


We stock the products you sell in our own warehouse, and we send the products sold on your behalf. Regardless of ARITIM.NET or all other marketplace sites (n11, trendyol, Hepsiburada, amazon, Çiçeksepeti, etc.), we provide storage and shipping services. Storage service is paid. We have 17500 m2 open/closed storage area in Bolu-Yeniçağa. Get warehouse service

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