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ARITIM.NET is a marketplace website for the Environment and treatment equipment industry.
We have a large storage area of 17500 m2 and our expert assembly team.
We supply the necessary products from domestic and abroad.
We sell products to Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, and North Africa.

We work with suppliers as follows.

- First, we ask for a list of items that can be sold, technical specifications and product photos.

- We upload this product to our ARITIM.NET Marketplace.

- We are promoting this product (on TV, and on social media)

- We measure customer interest for each product, we analyze incoming messages and how many times the product has been seen.

- If it has a salable result, we take this product to our warehouse by making a contract with the supplier.

For products that are ready for the customer or will be sold in a short time, 30% advance payment is made on the delivery of the remaining 70% product.

- The product warranty is 2 years. We do the labor and installation. Responsibility for equipment quality and conformity lies with the supplier.

* We can cooperate for your products with good quality and guaranteed and competitive price.

* If all of these terms apply to you, please contact us immediately. +90 8502555657 WhatsApp

* We hope to do long-term business with you.





Treatment and Poo Chemicals

Bio Filters- Cooling tower fill media

Water Treatment Devices

RO-Reverse Osmos

UF Filter


Sludge dewatering


WWTP/WTP(Waste water treatment plant),Packaged wastewater treatment plant

 STP(Sewage treatment plant) MBR,MBBR industry ,domestic and other type sewage,Intergrated sewage treatment equipment

 ETP(Effluent treatment plant)

DAF dissolved air flotation machine

Manual/automatic flocculant preparation system

 Lamella clarifier machine

Sedimentation tank

Mud scraper(Center drive Mud scraper)Bridge supported sludge scraper in sedimentation tank

Dosing machine

Plate and frame press

Incinerator for animals ,medical waste

Folded screw sludge dehydrator(Sludge dewatering machine-belt filter press)

Multi-media water filter

Fliter sytem

Reomve oil sytem

Dosing machine ,Dissolving system

Other sewage water treatment spare parts

CPI corrugated plate interceptor, etc.

Tent warehouse