ARITIM.NET is a marketplace platform in C2C concept, where “PRODUCT” related to water, soil, air, water-wastewater treatment, environment and energy is exchanged.

In addition, a new “SERVICE” has been provided for all supply and demands needed on a sectoral basis.

Our marketplace platform has been built with the latest version software, all permissions have been taken.

It is registered in the Electronic Commerce Information Site (ETBIS). Our site is fast and very secure with 3D SSL.


Marketplace service is provided for new product and used *2nd hand product shopping.

The product can be sold domestically and abroad in TL or foreign currency.

Product or Service prices are entered into the system in USD.

It is sold abroad as USD-EUR-STERLIN. It is sold in TL for the domestic market,

You can either sell the product yourself or we can sell it for you.

* In order to contribute indirectly to our professional and environmental awareness and to the country's economy, the sale of used second-hand products is approved. You can sell a second hand product that you do not use, which is surplus to your needs, works smoothly and can be used. For new and second-hand products, the customer has the legal right to cancel the order and withdraw the payment. Our recommendation is to contact the customer after the sale, and to send it to the cargo after being informed again.

In product sales, we prioritize customer satisfaction within the framework of consumer rights.


The Service Advertisement card consists of 2 parts.

a) Advertisement card; It is the section where everyone can see and get follow-up information; Anyone can see and buy this section. reaches the information card after purchasing. In the advertisement card, contact information, company name, person name, phone, email etc. it is not possible.

b) Information card; It is the section where detailed information about the job (specifications-drawings, etc.) and contact information can be downloaded and viewed.

The person who buys the ad card * has the opportunity to reach the person who posted the ad, get detailed information, and make a price offer.

Service Announcement fee: at least 1 usd. There is no cancellation or refund of the service advertisement sale. Service advertisers do not charge for sales.