Lamella Clarifier Tank

A lamella clarifier is a type of water treatment equipment used for separating solids from liquid. It's a form of settling tank that utilizes a series of inclined plates, or "lamellae," to increase the settling area for particles in suspension.

The water or wastewater flows through these inclined plates, and due to gravity, the solids settle on the plates and slide down to the bottom of the clarifier, forming a sludge layer. Meanwhile, the clarified liquid rises to the top and is collected for further treatment or discharge.

This design increases the efficiency of the settling process by providing a larger surface area for particles to settle compared to a traditional settling tank. Lamella clarifiers are commonly used in various industries such as wastewater treatment plants, mining operations, and in municipal water treatment facilities to remove suspended solids and clarify water before it moves to the next stage of treatment or discharge.

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