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Professional If you don't have experience with Lamella, leave it to those who know. Let's give professional support about Lamella. The facility should be built more cost-effectively, the lamella yield should be high. * Read "Description" for scope of service

Professional rule; If you don't have any job related experience, consult an expert, stay on the safe side.

Is your knowledge and experience about Lamella sufficient? If it is enough, no problem, you can order lamella immediately.

If it's not enough, let's give professional support about lamella. Let the plant choose a more cost-effective lamella, and the plant efficiency will be higher. Let's reduce the possible risks together.

* Scope of service : If you have a tank or pool project, information about the water coming to the facility (capacity-analysis etc.) is examined. The most suitable lamella model and manufacturing type is recommended according to water and wastewater.

Advice is given on the sub-lamella water level, the water inlet and distribution structure, the lamella upper water level and weir settlement.

* Recommendations will be given in the form of a written report.

* Optional : On-site exploration, sampling and analysis service, drawing and design, project and assembly consultancy etc. If services such as these are requested, a price offer is also given.

* The person providing the service is an environmental engineer graduated in 1995, lamella utility model patent holder, CT and PT series lamella designer, an experienced engineer still only working on lamella.

* Note : After purchasing the service, communication with the buyer will be provided. This service is non-cancellable and non-refundable. The service validity period is 30 days.

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