12" Disc Diffuser

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Diffusers are used in the aeration section of wastewater treatment plants or biological unit systems. Its main task is; It gives the air coming from the blower to the water in small particles. As a result, the oxygen in the air is transferred to the water. In this way, the oxygen requirement for wastewater treatment is provided.

The grapes we sell are dist type diffusers.

Disc diffusers are widely used in wastewater treatment plants. Oxygen transfer efficiency is higher than others. It is used on EPDM material.

Model : ADD300-12" Disc Diffuser


Total Height: 61 mm

Effective Field diameter 300 mm

Outer Diameter (mm): 340 mm

Capacity: 2-5 m³/h

Membrane Material: EPDM-Silicon-PTFE (Teflon) Coated

Total Weight: 1.3 kg

Connection: 3/4" Male

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